Frackin Rock: A light-hearted interlude

We won't copy this one to our site, but just recommend it:

What happens when the Fraggles have to deal with fracking?

The Twelve Days of Fracking

Merry Christmas from our friends in New York!

Canadian roustabout blasts shale gas

This YouTube video is a first-person interview with a former "roustabout" who left his job to devote full time to stopping hydrofracking for shale gas.

daigleThere's more…

Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 2 - Dimock Day Trip

A video by Scott Cannon.dimock On January 10, 2012, I drove to Dimock Pennsylvania to find out what's going on with the DEP and the EPA's investigation on the water well contamination alleged by Cabot Oil & Gas.

Bradford County (Time-Lapse)

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This is a time-lapse sequence showing the Marcellus Shale wells in Bradford County, PA. (The date is the 'spud date' -- the date when drilling of the well-bore began.) Prepared for the Marcellus Protest Speakers Bureau.

Gas Rush Stories Screening

6 years 22 weeks ago



Save the Delaware

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Josh Fox has just released a great short video encouraging people to Save the Delaware River Watershed.

Shale Gas Outrage - at Corbett's Office

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September 7, Philadelphia, PA - Several hundred people gathered at the conclusion of the Shale Gas Outrage march in front of a building that houses the PA Governor's offices. Some entered the building to attempt to deliver petitions and letters to the Governor.

Read a comprehensive report about Shale Gas Outrage.

Ecologist Sandra Steingraber at Shale Gas Outrage Conference

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Ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber was the keynote speaker at Protecting Our Waters' Freedom from Fracking Conference in Philadelphia, PA, on September 8th 2011, that was part of Shale Gas Outrage.There's more…

Hydrogeologist Paul Rubin at Shale Gas Outrage Conference

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Hydrogeologist Paul Rubin speaks at Protecting Our Waters' Freedom from Fracking Conference in Philadelphia, PA September 8th 2011. Video by Kirsi Jansa.

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