Testify before DRBC

5 years 19 weeks ago

Time and address updated as of Nov. 20
DRBC will hold a 'conference' at 11am (open to public), but the public hearing convenes at 1:30pm.

The following is from Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Testify Against the Dangers of Pipelines and the More Fracking and Drilling they Bring
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Statement on the Delaware River Basin Commission

The action of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), to postpone its vote on natural gas drilling and hydrofracturing (“fracking”), demonstrates both the critical importance of this watershed and the political power of the natural gas industry. It also illustrates why a complete ban on such “unconventional” gas extraction is the only realistic means of protecting the life-supporting environment of our nation.
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Obama Administration and Federal River Commission Move to Allow Drilling Along the Delaware River

Last week, the Delaware River Basin Commission issued a draft of their regulations on Marcellus Shale development using hydraulic fracturing along the waterways that contribute to the Delaware River, drinking water for upwards of 14 million people.There's more…

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