Scientists warn "Fate of Humanity" rests on climate action

"It seems implausible that humanity will not alter its energy course as consequences of burning all fossil fuels become clearer. Yet strong evidence about the dangers of human-made climate change have so far had little effect. Whether governments continue to be so foolhardy as to allow or encourage development of all fossil fuels may determine the fate of humanity.
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Frackin Rock: A light-hearted interlude

We won't copy this one to our site, but just recommend it:

What happens when the Fraggles have to deal with fracking?

What just one citizens' group can do! (The Annual Report from Berks Gas Truth)

An example to us all!

Click here for their full Annual Report.

Berks Gas Truth is a grassroots community organization of over 600 concerned citizens who are fighting to stop unconventional natural gas drilling. We are dedicated to raising public awareness of the issues surrounding drilling and taking action to protect our environment, human health and safety from its consequences.
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BGT-Annual-Report_11_271.pdf844.17 KB

A Reporters' [and fracktivist's] Guide to "Energy in Depth"

A comprehensive guide to the activities and organization of "Energy in Depth" -- the multinational oil & gas industry's PR front.
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The Twelve Days of Fracking

Merry Christmas from our friends in New York!

Our 'Resources' page is updated...

Our most recent resources page includes three new documents:

  • The Harmed, the Sickened, the Dead and the Disappeared
  • Countries with a ban or moratorium
  • A Plain Language Guide to Act 13

North Carolina DOJ warns homeowners about leasing

We've heard many informal warnings about the risks which homeowners run when they sign drilling leases. Now the North Carolina Department of Justice has delivered a written (draft) report to the state legislature that puts those warnings on the record.There's more…

Municipalities suit against 'Act 13'

Here is the complete Commonwealth Court petition in Robinson Township et al., v Commonwealth of Pennsylvania et al. filed on March 29, 2012.There's more…

News items from the international community

As part of our international collaboration, Marcellus Protest receives occasional updates from around the world. Here is collection of some recent items:There's more…

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