No More Toxic Secrets: Oppose Act 13 in Philadelphia

5 years 9 weeks ago

WHAT Short public gathering on the one-year anniversary of Gov. Corbett's signing of Act 13

WHEN: 4:30 - 5 PM on Wednesday, February 13th

WHERE: LOVE Park. Street address: 1500 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19102

WHO: Protecting Our Waters, Food and Water Watch, Delaware Riverkeeper Network and more.There's more…

Faculty denounce training program for fracking workers

The faculty of the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) passed a resolution declaring its "... unequivocal opposition to the College’s initiative to prepare students for work in the Marcellus shale gas industry."
There's more…

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Skunk At the Garden Party: Rendell Delivers Harsh Message During Shale Conference Speech

Ren­dell took the stage and told the room that “frac­tivists” had a point. “The things they’re talk­ing about are not incor­rect,” he said. “They’re rais­ing seri­ous and legit­i­mate issues. They express the fears of not just a few mil­i­tants, but the fears of a lot of good, hard-working Penn­syl­va­ni­ans. About what’s going to hap­pen to their neigh­bor­hood. About what’s going to hap­pen to their water sup­ply. About what’s going to hap­pen to their water­ways. Those are things that we can’t con­tinue to ignore.”There's more…

Frack is Whack: A party to protect the Delaware River and the safety of Philly's drinking water!

7 years 8 weeks ago

Join us for live music, a booty-shakin dance party, river cocktails, fish go-go dancers, video projections — and a chance to submit your public comment to the Delaware River Basin Commission before fracking in our watershed begins in earnest!

Thursday, Feb. 24, begins promptly at 7:30
Danger! Danger! Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., on the #34 Green Line trolley. There's more…

Philadelphia utility to avoid Marcellus natgas: Commission concerned about effects of "fracking"

Philadelphia becomes the first major U.S. city to refuse to buy natural gas obtained by the controversial method of hydraulic fracturing.There's more…

Philadelphia asks Delaware River Basin regulator for fracking ban

philadelphiaThe Philadelphia City Council on Thursday formally asked the Delaware River Basin Commission to install a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the watershed until a "full environmental impact assessment" is conducted.There's more…

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