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XTO's Explosion just one of Ohio's Fracking Problems

Earthworks has filed a formal complaint about on-going air pollution from the XTO well-site in Belmont County (OH), among other facilities. (See our summary of the XTO well explosion and its aftermath.)

Trump Administration Aims to Throttle Chinese Investment

The New York Times reports that the White House plans to invoke an There's more…

Renewable Energy is Undercutting Investments in Natural Gas Electric Plants

The New York Times reports that the economics of solar and wind power are squeezing utilities' investments in natural gas generation, especially in the Western U.S. This trend should reduce the flow of capital into fossil fuel infrastructure, and suggests that local and state governments will be making a strategic mistake if they continue to subsidize such projects.

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Montana "Valve Turner" Defendant Gets No Jail Time

As reported in The Intercept, one of the "Valve Turner" activists has been sentenced to probation and a fine in Montana, while other defendants are awaiting trial in Minnesota.

Although the Montana man, Leonard Higgins, might have been sentenced to as much as a 10-year prison sentence, he plans to appeal for a retrial because the judge had refused to allow a "necessity" defense to be presented.

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Colorado Driller Doubles-Down on Environmental Injustice

An anti-fracking action in Greeley Colorado, and its aftermath, are becoming a textbook example of environmental injustice and industry heavy-handedness. One demonstrator faces both criminal and civil charges, the drilling company is demanding names of other activists, and administrators at a mostly poor and minority middle school are expecting fracking within 600 feet of their playground.
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The Cracker Plant is "Not a Done-Deal"

Terri Supowitz kicked off the Q&A on Saturday night, reminding the attendees that the Shell "cracker" plant is still not home free.There's more…

World CO2 Emissions Rose Again in 2017

The International Energy Agency has released its annual report for 2017, confirming -- as had been expected -- that the world's carbon dioxide emission reached a new historic high in 2017.There's more…

Science: Fracked Texas land is shifting & sinking

The journal Science reports that satellite radar There's more…

Blown-Out XTO well is finally capped.

According to news sources, the blown-out XTO well near Powhatan Point, Ohio, was capped on Wednesday, March 7, three weeks after the explosion and fire required a one-mile evacuation of Belmont County. See our full story for more information.

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