Talisman Friendly Coloring Book Replaced by "Toxic Tommy"

Natalie Cox, a spokeswoman for Talisman Energy, has said that the company will no longer distribute their coloring book. "Talisman Terry's Friendly Adventure is no longer available on their website, but you can download it here.

As Talisman Energy has decided to pull its “Talisman Terry’s Energy Adventure”, Marcellus Protest is now releasing its “Toxic Coloring Book”, featuring Toxic Tommy, the Public Relations Dinosaur. Download it here.

Written by members of Marcellus Protest and illustrated by artist Joshua Bellin, the coloring book is intended to parody both Talisman Energy’s coloring book and other pro-gas industry propaganda pieces aimed at children by large extractive industry corporations and industry-funded organizations. Josh Bellin has been creating a series of cartoons for Marcellus Protest.

People concerned about fracking are truly up against a “dinosaur” of a public relations blitz by wealthy companies who fund politicians and buy up billboards and television airtime in order to convince citizens that natural gas drilling is in their interest. While these corporations spend millions annually, we who stand up for the rights of landowners, hunters, anglers, and children have only our passion, our wit, and collaborative spirit.

While the “Toxic Coloring Book” is a satirical piece and is not intended for children, one could make an argument that contains a more factual representation of the effects of natural gas drilling, fracking, processing, and transportation than rosy picture painted by Talisman Energy – a world where everyone smiles, where drill sites are left in better condition than they were found, where scenic landscapes and housing values are unaffected, and where there is no hint of soil, air, or water pollution. Even a cursory reading of the effects in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, and the Pennsylvania counties of Bradford and Washington will reveal that in modern-day natural gas extraction and processing, there are winners and losers.

Talisman Energy is actively fracking in Pennsylvania. Earlier this year they spilled drilling wastewater in Tioga County. Last year they were fined $3,500 for well drilling violations in Bradford County by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Both Marcellus Protest's and Talisman's announcement about our respective coloring books comes on the heels of a well-traveled Stephen Colbert segment that pokes fun at "Talisman Terry."

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toxic tommy

This coloring book is so excellent! Great job guys!