New (15-minute) short by Josh Fox: "The Sky is Pink"

A new 'short' from Josh Fox is online here.

Josh, who is working on a sequel to Gasland, made this 'short' as an appeal to New York Gov. Cuomo, as the state considers whether to permit fracking in its Southern Tier.

Please use your brain when you watch the film.

The only reason those documents are hidden is because most of the people who buy into this crap can't read. (both sides of the debate) They just believe what they are told. The oil industry has an agenda because they want to keep drilling. Josh Fox has an agenda because he wants industry shut down.

Those so-called hidden documents were never hidden they take less than 5 minutes to find if you know how to run google. I haven't had time to read them all, but from what I did see they do not necessary indicate the possibility of water contamination. They are open ended technical papers pointing out problems and the authors are trying to identify solutions to those problems. The correct way to deal with a problem is to identify it and deal with it. (The old American way of life)

A ban on drilling will only serve to destroy a way of life, and is a "We can't attitude." Unfortunately people like Fox will not be the first to feel the effects of increased energy prices.

I work in the energy industry (NOT for an oil or gas company). I have worked with alternative and traditional energy sources. Fox and his followers are foolish to say the least. If this country is to survive we need utilize all of our energy resources. All energy production is an industrial process, and all of it carries significant risk.

I urge you to do your homework on this subject. Both sides have an agenda. If you want to know the truth you will have to read papers that are likely over your head. Fox spoon feeds BS and so do industry lobbyists. However, people within the industry publish papers to places like SPE, AAPG, JPT, GSA and many more. Tens of Thousands of scientists and engineers work to improve the process, and believe it or not they care about the environment. The papers Josh refers to are meant to be professional technical discussion among those who understand the topic (not taken out of context). Proposing that something is technically possible it not the same as saying it will happen. In addition, bad cement bonds do not indicate that there will be a leak. It is not ideal, but there are a lot of other factors.

Videos like this will serve to make industry even more reclusive in what they report because people who do not understand the topic will try to turn it into something it is not. (Josh likely understands the papers, but he is trying to push his agenda, but that is just my opinion of him.) I'm just as angry when industry takes the same approach.

The idea of New York allowing drilling in 5 counties is a good idea because it will allow the state time to develop a functioning regulatory agency with taxes generated from the drilling process. I also urge people on the east coast to identify your water sources and evaluate the risk involved with drilling. New York City is a good example because most of your water comes through an aqueduct system that is immune to possible contamination because it has positive pressure from the source, and the source will not likely be contaminated because it is too far north. Your water supply is tested daily.

If you want to know about fracking talk to geoscientist and engineers that have at least seen how the process works. Most of them will be happy to provide information. Industry PR companies, politicians, the media, and Josh Fox are not valid sources of information.

I will be happy to try to answer your questions or direct to someone who can. [Webmaster's note: A URL which was posted in this comment has been removed. While our policy is to publish all pertinent comments - including those which disagree with our views on fracking - we do not post links to other sites. If you choose to engage this person on-line, you may post your remarks as additional comments at this site.]