What's WRONG with 'Promised Land'?

In our newsletter, we looked at "What's true in this film's story?" For a different look -- at what's wrong with the movie (as well as what's right) -- read this review from Alex Lotorto.

A couple of excerpts:

Matt Damon's new flick, Promised Land, is a delightful melodrama of Hollywood proportions set in a fictional, southwest Pennsylvania farming town called McKinley.

In many ways, Promised Land is dead-on representative of what we're facing here in Pennsylvania

[One] objection is the broad representation of the townspeople as unable to organize themselves without Dustin the environmentalist going door to door and rallying them to the cause. In fact, the Pittsburgh ban ordinance was passed completely because of the grassroots efforts of Pittsburgh residents who organized a bar crawl, a march, and rallies at City Hall without the endorsement or staff support of any Big Green environmental organizations....

We sent the industry away, licking its wounds, by talking to our neighbors with our own organization ... and that kind of unfunded, volunteer effort is how our anti-fracking movement is winning battles again and again.

Please read Alex's full review at http://www.wearepowershift.org/blogs/matt-damons-promised-land-good-bad-and-misrepresented.