Where do we go from here? Public Meeting

November 12, 2010 - 6:30pm
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
116 South Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
United States

Come to this public meeting to discuss next steps for Marcellus Protest and the anti-fracking movement in SWPA. RSVP on Facebook!

proposed agenda

(5 min) Welcome new people, review agenda & purpose of meeting

(15 min) Time for brainstorming next steps (10 minutes small groups, 5 minutes sharing - we'll end up with a big group list of potential next steps)

(20 min) Constructive review of our organizing together for the protest - what worked, what could be improved. )Broad overview as a big group; if issues are identified needing further work, set up another time for more intensive discussion.)

(5 min) Finance update

(45 min) Group structure going into the future.
concerns, needs
potential - what functions do we want this group to serve in the future?
proposals for structure - discuss how we can structure the group to best to meet the needs we identified


(35 min) next steps - implementing actions/campaigns/etc, in whatever structure we decide on.

time for Pa to wise up

Im very passionate about the movement to end fracturing in Pa and across the country. It makes me sick to see commercials and ads posturing to the emotional element deep within Pennsylvanians, employing fathers and sons going fishing and farmers eking out a living. Its time for Pennsylvanians to wise up and realize gas drilling companies are spending huge amounts of money to build these campaigns and they arent doing so because they have a soft spot for family values. Once they smash up our landscape and poison our water supply, they will be able to move on with little obligation to clean up our state because theyve managed to pay off every leader who would otherwise have enacted legislation to curb the damage caused by their greed.