Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) is a grassroots nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization dedicated to protecting the Upper Delaware River Basin and beyond from the ravages of deep-shale gas extraction and the threat posed by the natural gas industry. In February 2008 a group of concerned citizens gathered to form DCS. Hickory, PA was the source of some of the first stories about gas drilling in the East. DCS interviewed and videotaped Hickory residents. On May 30, 2008, DCS provided a public meeting attended by over 400 local residents showing the videos and explaining what was at stake. DCS has also provided these videos from Hickory for public viewing via You-Tube (youtube.com/GasDrillingTruth), the DCS website and the distribution of several thousand DVDs. The DCS website, DamascusCitizens.org which has served as a conduit for a wealth of information about gas drilling has had to date over a million hits!