Marcellus Rally - Inauguration Day

January 18, 2011 - 10:30am
Solider's Grove, Opposite the Capitol Fountain
Between Commonwealth Ave. and Fisher Plaza
Harrisburg, PA
United States
Phone: 717-233-1801

Rally demands:

  1. A moratorium on further drilling on private and public lands in PA
  2. Protect our water from the effects of drilling and fracking.
  3. Proper air quality enforcement standards.
  4. Regular inspections of all gas wells.
  5. End "fast track" permitting of new wells in Pennsylvania.
  6. No forced pooling. Freedom of choice for landowners.
  7. Drillers should be forced to have enough insurance and bonding to repair damage.
  8. Give local, municipal and township officials zoning authority.

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Reserve a seat on Marcellus Protest Bus to Harrisburg

About Gas Truth

Gas Truth of Central PA are people who care about our water, air and land. We are not experts, scientists or policy wonks. We are Pennsylvanians that have woken up to the fact that hydraulic fracture drilling for natural gas is the key environmental issue of our time. Many of us were awakened by seeing the film Gasland, other by friends and family in the shale region that have been affected by gas drilling. What we share is a desire to take action and organize.

Gas Truth of Central PA are citizens organizing to make the following positive changes in Pennsylvania and Federal policy regarding hydraulic fracture natural gas drilling.

is anyone getting (free)

is anyone getting (free) tickets to sit during the inauguration? seating ends by 11am, program starts 11:30am. no backpacks, large purses, etc.

also, is offering some free tickets from pgh to harrisburg. use promo code: WOW200K. it looks like about 5$ round trip if you go on the 18th. however, the bus arrives at the harrisburg mall around 10:10a. so by the time you catch a CAT bus into downtown and walk to the rally, it'll be after 11am.

1/10/11: The bus to Harrisburg is FILLED

Please do not reserve/pay for anymore seats online. We have no seats left.

does anyone know if this is a

does anyone know if this is a march as well as a rally?