Marcellus Protest - Frack Forum - Pittsburgh

January 19, 2013 - 1:00pm
Marcellus Protest
Friends Meeting House
4836 Ellsworth Ave. Shadyside neighborhood
Pittsburgh, PA
United States

In 2012 Marcellus Protest celebrated the second anniversary of the Pittsburgh ban on fracking at our first "Frack Forum" event. We are very proud of our role in helping to get this ban passed, and we now have to make sure that it isn't overturned.

We will show the new documentary film "Triple Divide" and get updates on ongoing campaigns.

Pittsburgh has inspired anti-fracking activists around the world, and Marcellus Protest has been important to the ongoing movement in the city and beyond. In addition to working to protect Pittsburgh's ban on fracking, our current and planned activities for the New Year include:

A campaign to challenge Michael Krancer for lying about water test results and to make the DEP accountable to the people of Pennsylvania rather than to the gas industry.

A campaign with Marcellus Outreach Butler to support people who have lost their water in the Woodlands community hit by fracking and to bring the problem to public attention.

Efforts to organize college students at the state's public universities to oppose fracking on their campuses.

Support for efforts to protect the Ambridge and Beaver Run reservoirs against fracking.

Please make every effort to attend, this is a great opportunity to share information on your anti fracking efforts & to find ways we can work together in SWPA.