Board of Commissioner Meeting IMPORTANT !

March 6, 2017 - 7:00pm
Protect Elizabeth Township
Elizabeth Township Municipal Building PA
522 Rock Run Road
Elizabeth , PA 15037
United States

Over the past year Protect Elizabeth Township has worked hard to give the residents of Elizabeth Township a stronger voice in local government and now is the time to use that voice!
Our Municipality is currently faced with industrial proposals from Invenergy LLC and Huntley&Huntley Energy Exploration. While we are currently in litigation with Invenergy LLC over their land use variance request for the Fiore property in the Mt Vernon and Buena Vista area, they are currently exploring a zoning change for the Casturo property in the Smithdale area of the Township. The proposal is to build a 550MW Combined Cycle Natural Gas Plant in an area currently zoned residential. This new proposal will put this 22 acre power plant in closer proximity to residential housing and our beloved Yough River. We are asking all of our supporters to attend Monday nights Board of Commissioner meeting to support your friends and neighbors in the Smithdale and Sutersville areas that will be affected by this proposal.
In addition to Invenergy LLC, we are facing the industrialization of Elizabeth Township by way of Hydraulic Fracturing. Elizabeth Township has received the first round of ACT 14 notices from Huntley&Huntley with the promise of more to follow. We believe that these applications for well pads in the Township will come fast, leaving little time for objection. Currently, our township and school district have signed leases along with landowners and because of this, our current ordinance will allow Huntley&Huntley to put these 20+ acre industrial drilling sites only 300-500ft from our homes and schools. Our children deserve better than this and it is our job to protect their health, safety and quality of life from anyone attempting to do otherwise. We cannot stress how important it will be to have our voices heard as we ask for our current ordinance to be sent back to the Planning Commission for necessary revisions and additions. Burdening our children with the industrialization of their schoolyards because of poor decisions made by adults is completely unacceptable and we now have no choice but to fight.
Join us!!!