Hearing: Compressor station proposed near farms

July 23, 2014 - 6:30pm
New Sewickley Board of Supervisors
New Sewickley Township Municipal Building
233 Miller Road
Rochester, PA 15074
United States

Kretschmann Farm is an organic farm serving many of us in the greater Pittsburgh area. This isn't just about Kretschmann Farm, this is about ALL of the farms and their ability to continue providing us with frack toxin free produce.

The production of healthy food with the benefit of clean water and air is one of the values of the environment and the most treasured of resources.

THE ISSUE: 7/23/14 conditional use hearing on a Marcellus gas compressor station meeting is at the township building, might be the one where the supervisors grant permission for the plant.


EMAIL: the New Sewickley Board of Supervisors: manager@newsewickley.com and cc: kretschmann@verizon.net

Hearing on proposed construction of the Pike Compressor Station Facility by Cardinal PA Midstream, LLC on an 11.2 acre gravel pad on Teets Road in New Sewickley Township.

The New Sewickley Township Board of Supervisors will continue the public hearing from Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the New Sewickley Township Municipal Building, 233 Miller Road, Rochester, PA 15074 to July 23, 2014 at 6:30 to obtain any additional public comment on the Conditional Use

July 15, 2014
Greetings from the Kretschmanns,

I wish I could talk about the what might shape up to be the best early potato crop in years, or how nice the tomatoes look, picture perfect fields of broccoli and cauliflower, or how excited we are to see the winter squash growing beautifully after being planted using our innovative new no-till system.

But unfortunately we are totally preoccupied with stopping a Marcellus gas compressor station from being sited on a property adjoining our farm in the rear. We are shell shocked and beside ourselves after the surprise phone call last Wednesday from a neighbor about a meeting of the township board of supervisors at which they were to decide the issue.

In eight hours we and several other neighbors came up with enough questions for the board to delay decision and continue the hearing on 7/23 at the township building. But we are told it will be an uphill battle. The small group of neighbors calling ourselves the Bulldogs for New Sewickley Health has alerted hundreds of residents, who also knew nothing about these plans.

We don't like to bother our subscribers with issues outside our farmer to consumer relationship and deny many requests by outside groups to contact you. But this is about the future of your food supply--make no mistake.

It's about the future of our farm. Thus, we respectfully ask, beg, that you write the board of supervisors voicing your concerns about the safety and integrity of your organic food supply. As citizens of Pennsylvania, we all have "a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and aesthetic values of the environment." (Art.27Sec1PA Constitution) The state, and thus the township is the trustee of these common resources to preserve them for all of us.

Surely the production of healthy food with the benefit of clean water and air is one of the values of the environment and the most treasured of resources. We know you are busy-with-life. Please consider taking the time to send a letter to the supervisors insisting they fulfill their duty to protect the safety of your food supply. We are taking this very seriously and have engaged legal talent including the attorney who successfully confronted the free reign of the gas industry all the way to the PA Supreme Court. We need your help now, as the 7/23 conditional use hearing might be the one where the supervisors grant permission for the plant. If you're a parent, also appeal on behalf of your children who grow nourished by this wholesome food. If you're a doctor or health professional appeal on the basis of prudent concern for one's health. Other professionals can lend a hand as appropriate. If you know anyone who could help out in the media, political, business, or legal arenas please let us know. We certainly are not asking for this kind of response based on the basis of NIMBY--not in my backyard. It's simply that an extra-ordinary number of Pittsburgh area consumers are consuming food from our farm in a raw and unprocessed form. That's a special case and you have a right to it's quality.

We will be setting up a more automated a petition line, but you can send petitions to the Board of Supervisors c/o twp manager, New Sewickley Twp. Importantly, CC us in the e-mail, or simply send it to us and we'll print and forward it. Please be respectful. Don served for many years on this board with the current Chairman. Please put "NST petition" in the subject line so we can make sure it is introduced into the official record. We thank our many subscribers who have supported us for decades by buying our organic produce and thus making us the thriving organic farm which we are.

This has allowed us to laugh at the lease agreements sought by the "land men". We haven't and won't sign. We need your help at this time in this special way. Salient talking points are the potential danger to your organically raised food supply and the farm which produces it. We are confident the public good can prevail if we all step forward together. We will be putting together more information as we get a little ahead of this breaking wave.

Busy as bees, we are sincerely, Don, Becky, & the Farm Crew

Pike Compressor station/Organic New Sewickley Twp. Wed. July 23

The venu has changed TO Big Knob Grange, 336 Grange Rd, Rochester PA 15074,