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Rally in Solidarity with EQT Pipeline Resistance

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 12:00pm

Let EQT know that the people of Pittsburgh stand in solidarity with folks putting their bodies in the way of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia and against EQT's insidious efforts to poison our air, water, and land whether it be frack pads or pipelines!

Let us draw inspiration from the words of Nutty, who has been stopping construction on the MVP at Peter's Mountain from 50 feet up a monopod for almost 50 days now:

We live in a toxic civilization that is killing us all (some faster than others) and decimating the health of our planet at a terrifying rate.

So we all have some major health concerns. Enough, certainly, to take the fire in our hearts, our rage against all that is happening to us, our families, our friends, our earth, and let it loose against those trying to destroy us.

Let's prove that when the cops and pipeline security lounge and laugh at their camp under the monopod, comfortable in their knowledge that I can't stay up here forever, they are grievously underestimating our strength and our determination to keep on fighting. Not in one place, not with one tactic, but with myriad possibilities for confrontation, disruption and attack.

Spread that fire!


For more information on the ongoing resistance in Appalachia check out
EQT Corporation
625 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States