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Fracking at Edgar Thomson?

U.S. Steel has announced an agreement to lease a portion of the Edgar Thomson plant for a drill pad, from which the surrounding area can be fracked. Local residents and families have been left in the dark, to wait for the consequences of fracking. This page is a place for collecting information and resources to share with the community.

UPDATE: What would evacuation look like?

If a well pad at Edgar Thomson were ground-zero for the same incident that happened in Belmont County (OH), here is an evacuation footprint. It encompasses parts of 17 different municipalities in Allegheny County.

The first announcement from U.S. Steel came after local activists broke the story. Then the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and other media outlets began their coverage. But, by that time, two municipalities had already voted to approve zoning applications from U.S. Steel and its project partners.

U.S. Steel has said that fracking will make its local business "more competitive," but offered no details about how drilling will complement the steel-making operations. In fact, since the Edgar Thomson plant is currently operating under a Notice of Violation from the EPA and the Allegheny County Health Department, and since fracking will add more air pollution to E.T.'s emissions (which are already in excess of the plant's operating permit), it would seem that fracking is more likely to put jobs at risk than to save them.

Marcellus Protest supports the efforts of the local community (such as North Braddock Residents for Our Future), who are trying to penetrate the decision-making process and to obtain environmental justice for people in the vicinity of the plant.

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