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Who will be the next 'Endangered Species'?

By now, we're all accustomed to the Orwellian language of political paybacks. The most recent example, titled Endangered Species Coordination Act (HB-1576) shows Rep. Jeffrey Pyle (R - Armstrong) at work, clearing the road for fossil fuel extraction and emasculating the very concept of "endangered species" in Pennsylvania.
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Letter on Fracking in Allegheny County Parks

Variations of this letter went to the 15 members of Allegheny County Council:
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Open letter to Dr. Jared Cohon

As an alumnus and former faculty member of Carnegie Mellon University, I sent this letter to University President Jared Cohon:
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Changes Coming to our Website

Over the next few weeks, we'll be making some changes to our website, so that we can be as useful as possible to the growing anti-fracking community. This 'blog' entry will let you know what's coming, and will report on our progress as we go.

You're also welcome to write 'Comments' (below) with suggestions about where to improve - and what to leave alone!
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