Faculty denounce training program for fracking workers

The faculty of the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) passed a resolution declaring its "... unequivocal opposition to the College’s initiative to prepare students for work in the Marcellus shale gas industry."

The faculty action follows a public announcement by the College, in cooperation with the industry trade group "Marcellus Shale Coalition" (MSC), of a "Energy Training Center". The public rebuke by the faculty includes a call for "... the College immediately to sever all ties to the Marcellus Shale Coalition [and] halt the implementation of any workforce training efforts related to the shale-gas fracking industry."

A November 16 story in the Philadelphia Inquirer, highlighting the establishment of the training center, is still featured on the MSC website. The CCP faculty were not consulted, and apparently not even informed, about the so-called training center before the College's joint announcement with MSC.

The faculty resolution finds that "...the natural gas drilling, or “fracking,” industry and peripheral and related industries present unacceptable dangers and risks to public health, worker safety, the natural environment, and quality of life."

The faculty press release and the resolution are downloadable here.

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