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Community Organizing Summit - Appalachian Gas Working Group

2 weeks 4 days from now
The Appalachian Gas Working Group (AGWG) invites grassroots groups, organizations, activists, and socially conscious folks who are interested in learning the basic tools of grassroots movement building to better their communities in any way, especially those who want to resist the growing threat of oil and gas extraction, to attend our Community Organizing Summit, April 6-8, in Weston, WV. Please click here to register, by March 30.
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"Cabinet in Your Community" -- an outreach activity of the Governor of Pennsylvania

4 days 13 hours from now
This program provides an opportunity for elected officials, stakeholders and citizens to engage with Cabinet members about issues of importance in their communities. The Secretary of Environmental Protection (DEP) will attend, along with heads of other state agencies. To attend, please click here to register, or call 570-614-2090 by March 16, 2018.
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"Fracking in Our Future?"

5 days 19 hours from now
Larry Schweiger will speak at Sixth Presbyterian in Squirrel Hill, on Saturday, March 24, about the petrochemical threat facing our region. Please click here to register. The event is free, and childcare will be available.
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Mar 7 2018

According to news sources, the blown-out XTO well near Powhatan Point, Ohio, was capped on Wednesday, March 7, three weeks after the explosion and fire required a one-mile evacuation of Belmont County. See our full story for more information.

Feb 21
An official EPA document reports that over 250,000 gallons of "hazardous substances" were present o
Feb 20
On February 14, 2018, in Belmont County (OH), a fracking well being completed by XTO Energy experienced what the company described as a "loss of containment," accompanied by an explosion and fire. A mandatory evacuation was ordered for a one-mile radius of the well pad, with some consideration of extending it to two miles. (See our related story.) If a similar incident were to occur at the proposed Edgar Thomson site, the corresponding evacuation zone would encompass parts of 17 different municipalities.

Feb 17
On February 14, 2018, an XTO frack well suffered what the company terms a "loss of containment" -- that is, in plain language, an explosion and fire. Days later, residents within a mile of the site were still prohibited from entering the area, while a well-control contractor assembled workers and equipment to begin recovery operations.

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Feb 17
See our latest update on the PetroChemical Build-Out.
Feb 16
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced public hearings on Shell's "Falcon" pipeline. Watch our calendar for times and locations as they are determined.
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