Citizens fighting to defend water, air and health from toxic fracking.

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Wasting Away: Four states' failure to manage gas and oil field waste ....

Resource Description: 
Report on the handling of waste from fracking in the Marcellus region

From the report's Introduction:There's more…

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April 2, 2015
Moderately pro-community
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Jun 1 2015

I’m not sure what is most disturbing about all this…

  • The fact it is happening without more public alarm
  • The Pa DEP tried to withhold these water test results
  • No reporters or politicians showed up at this meeting
  • This creek flows into the Mon River; our drinking water source

Nov 28

New Courses Hydraulic Fracturing, Natural Gas Development, Shale Gas and Environmental Concerns

New Courses related to natural gas development, fracturing, oil production and much more.

Nov 28

The Keystone Clean Water Team (KCWT) -Carbon County Groundwater Guardian Program (CCGG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer, environmental education organization which provides homeowners with information on private wells, water quality and quantity, and septic systems. We are dedicated to protecting private well owners from illnesses caused by our drinking water.

Nov 28

The word fracking – First, I personally and professionally dislike the word for a number of reasons. First it is jargon and second it is industry slang. The word lends itself to redefinition and misuse.
Definitions – We are defining slang terms?

Nov 18

Check our "sister site" for the latest news on our campaign to protect Allegheny County's public parks from toxic fracking.

Oct 4 2014

Dear High School, College & University Students,

We're receiving an increasing number of inquiries from students seeking information/interviews for their classwork.

Much of the information most of you seek is available via a Google search. Our suggestion is to consult with pro & anti fracking sites & compare the information given, try to find impartial/factual sites too (these are rare).

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